climate change: why begging

At Cancun, it is definite that the developed countries with their vast technological and financial resources, are not willing to share them. I feel in a competitive world, where trade has become the mantra for economic growth, developed countries do not have the wherewithal to climb down the technology ladder. They would only climb up, and up, to press their own advantage. They would want anyone to climb up behind them as well.

Technology is the key factor in bringing solutions for climate change. Developing countries are always looking up to climb this technology ladder, and hope to be on par with the developed countries. Thus, invariably, everyone wants to walk the same path, and thus, the conflict over expectations, priorities and commitments.

It is time that countries like India explore their own options. There are enough options available for India, and many developing countries. Handloom production is one such option for India, which can reduce CO2e load on the planet to a significant extent.

what do you say?


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